Brave souls, down the river, facing up extreme latitudes, tabing with them the fruit of their labor.

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Tensión › Courage to go beyond the foreeseable. We look for multiple and unique terroirs in the Ribera (Riverside) of Tunuyan River, in Mendoza, Argentina.

Wines that are born from the combination of opposites. Balance between the natural and the imperfect.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Franc

Deep red color. Aromas of red fruits accompanied by spices and herbaceous that give it a great sensation of freshness. The oak barrel, gives to the wine tobacco and vainilla notes. Good structure in the mouth.




James Suckling


Petit Verdot

Deep red with purple hues. It expresses aromas reminiscent of ripe cherries and plums. Spicy notes are integrated with the vanilla given by the oak aging. On the palate it has great volume, with pleasant and sweet tannins. An energetic wine with a persistent aftertaste.




International Wine Challenge


James Suckling



Greenish yellow color. Fruity aromas such as apple and peaches which are in perfect harmony with fresh herbs and mineral nuance.  In palate is a complex wine. Well balanced in mouth and with a refreshing final.




James Suckling


Tensión la Ribera is the result of the combination of different terroirs located along the ribera —the riverside— of the Tunuyán River, from its source at 1400 masl in the Andes mountain range, down to its river mouth in the east of Mendoza, in the district of Santa Rosa.


Uco Valley is located at the north of the Tunuyán River, more precisely in Vista Flores on the first terrace of the river . This is the place where Finca la Ribera is located, a land of 130 hectares of vineyards in production and 90 hectares of plantations. Since 2009, this is the region where the varieties that make up Tensión La Ribera line are grown. It is an area with deep and heterogeneous soils. Here, the climate is privileged and marked by its altitude, great sun exposure and low temperatures. Due to these geographical characteristics, grapes are favored in their maturity cycle, obtaining a great concentration of flavor, freshness and marked texture in the wines.


It is located in the southeast of the province , 85 kilometers from Mendoza City. Of its 106 parcels in an area of 530 hectares, 475 are cultivated. It is considered one of the oldest regions and has a long history in the Viticulture. It is characterized by being desert and with a great thermal amplitude between day and night, which is very favorable for the plant. In this warm zone, the system of conduction of the vine through “parral” is very important , since , supported by a frame in height, the plant is guided to form a cover with its leaves and thus, protect the clusters in the hours of greatest solar radiation, obtaining better ventilation and freshness. Tunuyán River runs through remote and arid places like Santa Rosa, where grapes grow along its riverside and wines are the result of its influence.



Edgardo Cónsoli is the one in charge of taking care of the vineyards.

“It is fascinating to discover the expression of the different grape varieties in wines and to appreciate the variation that the different zones, climate characteristics, soils and the conduction systems contribute to achieve high quality wines”

Edgardo Cónsoli, Agronomist Manager
of Tensión La Ribera.



Rubén Ruffo has made more than 25 vintages in the winery.

“I think that winemaking in Argentina has no roof. The essence of a great wine is in taking care of the details ”

Rubén Ruffo, Enologist
of Tensión La Ribera